Lawrence O’Donnell On Immigration Is Only 100% Right On To The Advantage Taking People And Their American Worshippers! What Little He Has To Say Does NOT Make “The Great Breeder” Invasion Right! Why, Because What Is Right Is Right And What Is Wrong Is Wrong! This Invasion Called Immigration Can NOT Be Right Just To Suit A Certain People Simply Because There Is To Many Of Them!

 This person thinks he has the almighty insight on immigration. His immigration insight only suits what a certain people is doing to this country just to benefit their own people. I know us Americans are expected to just shut-up and be on a humanitarian kick for the greatest people on earth but i don’t see it that way. We all wouldn’t be in this mess if these precious people could control their sex organs. These baby poppers sneak into this country pregnant or with plans of quickly getting that way with the hopes this is their get out of deportation card. When we see anybody always kicking and complaining about immigration and immigration RIGHTS it is always these people (Mexicans) NOT immigrants from all around the world. This is more proof that all of this immigration nonsense is all about Mexicans NOT immigrants. How often do law enforcement stop truck loads of illegal European or African immigrants? Huh! Lawrence O’Donnell’s insight does NOT suit or benefit the rest of the immigrating world. See the resemblance in the photos!This is Lawrence O’Donnell’s brain on immigration. Within 62 years just over 12 million immigrants come through Ellis Island legally. You know the right way. The opposite of what Mexicans are doing Lawrence (The Brain) O’Donnell. This cannot be compared to the Mexican invasion. The people that came through Ellis Island carried “papers” ID. They didn’t march up and down city streets making demands telling us Americans how its going to be in this country now that their here. And they didn’t head straight for the Welfare Office.  Naturally what Lawrence O”Donnell is saying here about immigration is 100% right on for the “we want” people for two reasons. (1) When we all speak of immigration, we all know we are really only talking about “Mexicans” and Central Americans. (2) 100 million baby machines can’t get what they want in Mexico so now they own the white mans world just to get what they want and have it all their baby popping way in America. We are NOT talking about the immigrants all around the world and Mexicans and Central Americans don’t give a rats ass about them. If you have seen whats going on all across this country its been all about the great baby popping Mexican and the Mexican flag since 2006, NOT immigrants from all around the world dumbass. In his own words of wisdom. Lawrence O’Donnell on immigration – “With immigration you can only fear the future if you don’t know our past. If you know how this country really was built on immigration you understand that immigration is an added value. It is an invaluable energy infusion into this country, it always has been. If we close the door it changes the definition of who we are.” Lawrence O’Donnell we Americans don’t fear the good immigration can be for America. What we should fear if we were afraid Lawrence O”Donnell. Is the damage “The Great Breeder” has caused since they started flooding into this country their way. For 500 years immigrants coming to America did NOT come here forcefully showing us Americans their middle fingers and their asses with their noses up in the air. The past immigration to America can NOT be compared as the same thing to the invasion called immigration just to give a certain people their way. Its true past immigrants built this country and that is an added value. The Mexican invasion is NOT building a better America it has only been bringing it down to the level of F’d up Mexico and using us all for all they can get just to benefit their own people. NOT to benefit immigrants! Butthead. Mexicans do NOT and Mexico does NOT have a bleeding heart for immigrants from all around the world just their own people. And i don’t believe Mexico wants us Americans to have Mexico’s added value out of the kindness of Mexico’s heart. To keep breeding profusely just to continue wanting more and more and gime, gime, more. Is NOT an added value. If this insanity was an added value Mexico would have kept this added value for Mexico instead of doing all the Mexican government could do to get these baby poppers over the southern American border. The only energy infusion i have seen is the energy spent doing criminal acts, the defacing of America with spray paint and the marching up and down American streets demanding everything. None of this is a contribution to America. It only takes away from the American people, and why? Because Mexico is out of control. An energy infusion is when there is a actual contribution. I bet more and more mouths to feed is NOT the American peoples idea and NOT Mexico’s way of an energy infusion either. Americans do NOT want the door closed on immigration like Mexico closes Mexico’s borders because its different. What Americans do want just as i do is this craziness that these out of control baby popping Mexicans are doing to stop before they completely destroy this country. This invasion force of 80 million gime, gime, baby machines is NOT an added value. Letting these people get away with this insanity simply because its them and they want it that way does indeed change the definition of who we are egghead. Does this sign look like a immgration right or does it look like a take over Lawrence O”Donnell. Using a relation to the Native American is the Mexican invaders way of “Holy Righteousness.” And their claim to the white mans world and the white mans money. The money they are after is NOT Native American money and its NOT Mexican money either. All that was built here in America was NOT built by Native Americans and also was NOT built by Mexicans. The white man is NOT going to go back to Europe and leave all thats in America for Mexicans. Immigration is NOT broken, and there is no realistic need for a “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” of any kind. All this talk is only about Mexico and “The Great Baby Popper” getting their way.  Above has been “The Great Breeders” attitude since they realized the American government wasn’t going to stop them. Thousands of Americans have been beaten and or killed over the past 30 years because these people believe they have “RIGHTS” and a right to anything and everything they want simply because they breed uncontrollably. Coming from another country believing you have more “RIGHTS” than the American people is NOT immigration. Does that sound like an immigration right Lawrence O”Donnell. Does this look like an immigrant just looking for a better life. How many immigrants from other countries all around the world come here looking like this Lawrence O’Donnell. Is this the way immigrants should act. Is this immigration respect or the opposite. Is this Mexican insinuating Americans are killing Mexicans. Or is this suppose to cover for the fact Mexicans do most of the killing of their own people and are responsible for the deaths of thousands of Americans. Are Americans responsible for the deaths of thousands of Mexicans? If so, when, where? Is flooding into this country and telling Americans how everything is going to be for now on immigration Lawrence O’Donnell. It looks like Americans can forget about having a better life because all of brokeass Mexico has to be catered to here in America. What part of a better life means being a neverending baby factory. All that is going on is working up to its OK to make America the United States of Mexico not just Mexican infused. Is that immigration or a takeover of America Lawrence O’Donnell. Immigration is suppose to be a sensible process conducted in a sensible manner it has been for 500 years in America. That is until “The Great Breeder” became GOD in this country.

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Offing Bin Laden Is Fine And Dandy But The Real BAD Guys Are The Heartless Evil Greedy Bankers And Wallstreet That Has Been Screwing The American People For Over 30 Years, So Lets All Organize Lynch Mobs!

What is so sickening is now knowing we all have been used, abused and taken for fools by Wallstreet, the Banking System, and the U.S. Government. And this is what we are letting them do to our kids (photo above). I don’t understand why the GOP wants to give more breaks to banks when the banks have all the breaks to begin with? What they have heartlessly done to so many of us should have us all ferocious fiery mad and wanting to break many advantage taking CEO criminals into. This evil should be dragged out from the comfort of their offices onto the city streets all across the country. And burned to death at the stake and or burned at the cross, or hung by the neck wiggling, kicking and thrashing around for all the world to see.  But before we take it this far we should make them at gunpoint transfer all the stolen money in their personal accounts directly into our own accounts. If they refuse us their family members should be only so hard to find. If you think this is harsh, ask yourselves, are we going to continue letting these fools destroy our lives? Or are we going to take our lifes and this country back? Links to get an understanding of what has transpired over the passed 30 or so years. (2)  (3)  (4)  (5)  (6)  (7)   (8)  (9)   (10)  (11)    Michael Moore trying to help get our money back from a financial institution. No problem if it all doesn’t fit in the bag Michael. I can stuff much of it in my pockets!

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Full “RIGHTS” For All Immigrants Is Nothing More Than A Misconception Or A BIG Stinking Lie. In My Lifetime There Has Never Been Any Immigration Protests Ever Until The Invasion Of Mexico!

If peoples noses could do this when they lie most Mexicans would look like this. I know Mexico knows as well as the rest of the world knows there has never been immigration protests in the United States until the invasion of Mexico. So all these marching Mexicans are fooling nobody with this……..”full RIGHTS for the whole world!” I know all these protests, marches, and demands are about the Mexican people or we could say the Indigenous people only. There is only a small fraction of people from any other country in the whole world that would be here illegally. Compared to the 80 million Mexicans. Since the people of south of the American border decided they were going to have it their way so screw American laws. This whole demand for immigrants has been all about Mexico. The people the Mexican government doesn’t want to be responsible for. NOT the rest of the world. So Mexicans and Mexican supporters like MSNBC and contributors this is for you!


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As “The Great Breeder” Continues Believing RACIST Is The Magic Word Just As Certain Other People Have Georgia Gets Expected Protest By Thousands Of Illegal Law Breakers Again Defying U.S. Laws! And MSNBC’s Newscasters And Their Contributors Are At It Again With, How Dare You Tell The Truth About Our People “Whitie The Racist”

Again these out of control baby popping Mexican criminals say they are here for a better life as the lives of the American people get worse and worse. They say they are fighting for something they believe is fair. Obviously their definition of fair is far different than what the word “fair” means. Of course their definition of fair is what suits their “gime, gime,” people only. And has absolutely nothing to do with what the word fair means. Organizers handed out white shirts requesting the baby machines wear them. This of course is to make this (you can’t stop us) protest look professional. This would mean there are some smartass people, people thats just a little smarter than the out of control baby machines behind these (pay for us and our brats to live America) protests. Why didn’t organizers issue out Indigenous continent owning feathers and animal skins to their precious gime, gime, people instead of illegal since 1492 white European clothing? Again this sick lie that these people pick the crops that we eat every day was getting around. How many of these over sexed people could there be picking food? As we all know these Mexicans either have the jobs Americans did have or there living in American cities on Welfare, Food Stamps, Medicaid, in their “free” homes or there just breaking every law in the book to obtain American money. Most of these law breaking liars are on the Welfare System all across the country. NOT in the country on farm land. All of these Indigenous female incubators are in America cities having more brats for Americans to pay for as their husbands or fuck buddies stand out on streets, in parking lots, and out in front of building every day for hours looking for jobs. Do any of them look like they have been picking farm food? I bet if they did or do pick anything edible its for their FAT PIG kids to eat. Javier Mendez a waiter says “we’re just looking for a better opportunity.” A better opportunity to do what? Half of baby popping Mexico is already here sucking up every available resource. Thats not enough? Would it be a “better fair opportunity” if the rest of baby popping Mexico flooded in to make their demands. “You Americans pay for us and our brats to live a better life to.” Claiming there picking farm food also. Just because Mexico doesn’t have a Welfare System doesn’t mean Mexicans have every “RIGHT” in the world here in the U.S. to demand special advantages. Javier Mendez says we are not the criminals they say we are. OH” is that right! I was told growing up that breaking laws is a criminal act. Is it somehow different for Mexicans because they want things here in America. Because they can’t get shit from their own country, their own people. As these sick in the head Mexican breeders go on with “Shame on You.” Meaning shame on any American state that expects Mexicans to obey American laws. To these people only Mexico is aloud to have laws enforced. America and the American people are NOT responsible for Mexico’s out of control mistakes. So its “Shame on You” Mexico and “Shame on You” Mexico’s out of control baby popping people for having the audacity to believe America is responsible for 100 million brokeass breeding Mexicans to have the time of their lifes in America as they continue defying American laws. Would any of these Mexicans defy Mexican laws? I bet we all know the answer to that question. This sick take over of America is NOT about being anti-immigrant. It is about enough is enough. The U.S. can NOT support all of Mexico. Americans do NOT owe Mexicans or the Indigenous anything. Its fact millions of these people are in free food lines claiming they have 5, 6, 7, mouths to feed. Soon each and every one will be claiming they have 12, 13, 14, 15, mouths to feed. Where does this stop? Try American birth control stupid people.  Or try Mexican birth control its cheaper. These people did NOT come into the U.S. as immigrants. The word “invasion” does NOT change to the word immigration just for Mexican self righteousness.  Mexicans are NOT gods gift to the world and the America people do NOT have to kiss their out of control baby popping asses. I believe its time for the Americans that are losing their lifes over this Mexican nonsense to organize some protests of our own. When the “Bill Of Rights” was written NONE of F’n Mexico was included. This BIG mess is NOT about immigrants coming to America as the immigration laws state. This is about a country full of people taking advantage of another country that has its own people problems without another country or government dumping the responsibility to their own people on a country with a Welfare System. On this continent only the United States and Canada has a Welfare System. This, NOT jobs is why the northern countries of the Americas looked so tasty to the out of control baby poppers and their governments. The other countries with a Welfare System are white European countries and Japan. The NAACP makes themselves and their own people look good by doing and saying everything they can to make “whitie” look bad. If “whitie” had anything like Affirmative Action it would surely be called RACIST and unconstitutional. Just like American laws is unconstitutional to all of Mexico and Mexico’s invaders of America. Can the NAACP explain why so many of their people spend so much of their lives in jails and prisons without saying “WHITIES FAULT” “Liberty and Justice for all” Mexicans in America, who cares what the American people want. Refuse to obey American laws. GIME,GIME,GIME, American drivers license so i can drive Mexican drunk legally! Honor the Honest labor of Immigrants? Do they mean honor legal labor, honor labor thats legal, honor labor thats not illegal, honor labor thats not a crime?

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Just After The Release Of The Long Version Of Barack Obama’s Birth Certificate MSNBC And Contributors Spend The Whole Day Talking About “Whitie The Racist” And Their NOT Done Yet! When People Like The Newscasters And The Contributors On MSNBC Say There Is Still A Lot Of Racism In America They Believe The Racist Club Is For Whites Only! Finally,” MSNBC Gets Off “Whitie The Racist” Long Enough To Spend All Day Talking About The First Black Family Touring The Southeast!

If the characters of this cartoon where “white” as just one is, they all would be called RACIST and criminals. There has been a lot of shootings and gang activity in L.A. County over the past few years. The only reason NONE of them are accused of being  a RACIST is……..NONE of the shooters are white! Is there an undeclared war on white people?

Apr 27, 2011 – This contributor of MSNBC Goldie Taylor tells a little story about a relative of hers that was arrested, beaten and jailed for not having identification in 1899. What she didn’t bother to mention just as nobody that appears on MSNBC every does is….What about all the “whities” that have been brutally beaten and or murdered by blacks since the Civil War and by brown people since whites first came to the Americas? Why don’t we all hear about that? Goldie Taylor also says when these whites talk about taking their country back, they mean taking it back from her people, black people. Really” do whites need to take their country back from the “man” the black man? Is the black man keeping whitie down? Is the black man keeping anything away from whitie? Is the black man holding whitie back? Maybe Goldie Taylor would like to explain her stupid accusation. An accusation that makes no more sense than talking about fake Obama birth certificate! The difference here is she will NOT be called a RACIST for this remark. Remember the OJ Simpson trial fiasco? Again only whites were ever called RACIST, blacks acted out against all white people as if they where the black team against the white team. And in their black minds OJ getting off is pay back!  Just like clock work Ed Shultz, Al Sharpton and the leader of the NAACP appears on the tube to get in more of their “Whitie The Racist” accusations. A few days ago i walked in on the last words of Dylan Ratigan saying something about “slavery” and a 100 years ago. Blacks as so many whites do only acknowledge that white people unslaved blacks. To speak of Africans and Muslims enslaving white, black, and the Muslim people for thousands of years just as they still do today is NOT to be spoken of. To do so would take some innocence “victimness” away from their people, just as speaking of the black and brown on white crime would. Just so the smartasses know i come from a BIG bi-racial family! If i said i always had good relations with “The Blacks” would that make me a RACIST! I bet none of the blacks that ever knew me over the decades would think so. Blacks refer to Barack Obama as a black man. The reason for this is believing this man as just black puts all of black America in the White House without “whitie.” Even if Obama would had married a white woman, he and his children would still be called the first black family! Blacks do not acknowledge Barack Obama’s white mother, they do not acknowledge him as being “bi-racial.” To do so would take some of the “blacks in control” away from them.    Question – Is all this talk about Obama’s birth certificate just RACIST on the black side of his family and leaves the white side of his family un-scaved or is the white side of his family getting it to?    Do you know we haven’t heard from the great Mexican in the U.S. or in Mexico on any of these issues. Why, is this no concern of theirs? I thought they would never pass up another chance to say “Whitie The Racist Nazi”    Dispicable crimes against whites don’t just happen in America! Another attack on a white man certain people wants us all to pretend don’t happen. Here a white boy is beaten severely by blacks that have nothing better to do. This beating by blacks on a young white man is harder to see but i bet it hurt a lot more. And a white woman is given a hair pulling ass beating by a black woman at a McDonalds. Hey,” that wasn’t on the menu. As i was growing up in Detroit Michigan in the late 1960’s and all through the 1970’s this and far worse would happen to white men and boys. Do you HATE white people to! i would hear blacks talking about other blacks mamas, they would call each other gorilla, orangutan, the N word, they did everything BUT respect each other. I also heard blacks calling other blacks mamas one of these. Photo below! In 1975 i went to the McDonalds at 10400 Gratiot ave. & Knodell to apply for a job. Only blacks worked there at that time as did two black managers. I was directed into the basement or storage room by one of these managers to watch slides and left there. I must have sat there nearly an hour or about an hour before getting up to leave. I went back the next day thinking maybe i didn’t sit there long enough the day before. This day again i was directed downstairs to watch the same slides, about 20 minutes later a male black employee came down and told me management had no intention of hiring me. If i would have brought this up to blacks i knew at that time they would have said whats the big deal your white! You can get a job just about anywhere you want. At that time i lived at 9357 Knodell.Whats up with this!     Whitie didn’t do this so this is OK right!   How am i doing so far whitie haters!  Apr 29, 2011 – Finally,” MSNBC gets off their hate whitie kick to talk about the first black family on a tour of the southeast.

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Georgia Comes To Its Senses To Adopt Arizona Style Law! This Law Will Demonize Whitie Again But Who Cares! All The Illegal Invasion Lovers Will Again Be Using The Words Unconstitutional, Illegal, “Against The Law,” And Of Course “Whitie The Racist Nazi!” And They Say These Laws Demonize The Brown Victim! These People Think About Obama Passing “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” All Day And All Night 24/7! This Act In No Way Will Secure The Southern Border But It Will Do The Opposite, All Of Breederland Knows This! And The American Federal Government Should Be Sued For Allowing This Invasion And Putting the Lives Of The American People In Jeopardy!

I’ll take “illegal invasion” for $500 please!   Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal will sign an Arizona style immigration bill into law. That is a good “Deal’ for the America people. This law will demonize whitie again just as it did the whites of Arizona. We will hear more shit that the invaders are being demonized but thyat is just to make victims out of them. The American federal government should be sued for allowing this invasion and putting the lives of the American people in jeopardy. Eventually “Martial Law” will have to come into play to get control of these people before it is to late. This just maybe the big plan or part of the big plan these people in control have in store for all of us. Right now “The Great Breeder” can only see “gime, gime, gime, so they don’t see any of this coming. Plus they believe the American government just as is Mexifornia is on their side. Pew Hispanic Center claims Georgia has 425,000 undocumented people living in the state. Obviously this center is referring to their own people as undocumented. Indigenous, Latino, Hispanic, whatever their calling themselves have never spoke of immigrants from other countries only their own. Also the big number of illegals called undocumented for righteousness is suppose to mean you can’t do that to our people American because we have huge numbers of our people in your country. The new measure would make it so that police can verify immigration status when conducting certain criminal investigations. The measure would also make it more difficult for undocumented people to get jobs and those who use fake documents to get jobs will face prison time. And employers must verify that workers are legally able to be employed. This measure will make job attainment easier for Americans. Opponents are all set as before to whine “racial profiling.” What these people should be saying is F” Americans its all about our people. Also the people thats all for the takeover of America believes the people that made it into America the wrong way should NOT have to identify themselves at all simply because they are in the wrong. You will hear people talking about these people pick the fruits and vegetables. Bringing up fruits and vegtables is suppose to help righteous this insane invasion. As so was the protesting and marching for jobs. We all know now only a small percentage of these parasites have jobs. Meaning most of these people that have “RIGHTS” live off of the Americans that still have their jobs. Fewer and fewer of the undocumented as they are called can now get jobs Americans did get or did have so fewer and fewer of thse people are picking fruits and vegtables. Also the truth is finally coming out, that being 80% of all immigrants from south of the border are on Welfare, Food Stamps, and Medicaid. This shit about Americans trying to do anything to stop the takeover of American is endangering the lives of these people is just that shit. Almost all Mexicans & Central Americans have been murdered or seriously injured by Mexicans & Central Americans. The majority of Americans seriously injuring or murdering Mexicans or Central Americans is Latinos and blacks, NOT whitie the racist Nazi! Millions of American lives are endangered by these people for several years we have seen and heard proof of that as fact. Nearly everytime these people show up on television or radio to argue you can’t stop our people racist whitie they mention secure the border and quickly blurt out Obama passing Comprehensive Immigration Reform. With this thought the Spanish speaking assholes are thinking when Obama passes Comprehensive Immigration Reform you white Americans won’t be stopping our people any longer. Realistically Americans can NOT secure the southern border if its “illegal” to “bother” these invaders for any reason at all. They all known this. And Comprehensive Immigration Reform is NOT fair to the American people this is why “The Great Breeder” wants it so bad and it will only secure the invaders takeover of America NOT secure the border and they all know that too. As Americans are told getting in the way of this illegal invasion/takeover is illegal, against the law and racist. Is any of this illegal in Mexico? In the words of Mexicans “Por Supuesto Que No” And only if your trying to get into Mexico illegally! This shows these people are not here for picking fruits and vegetables or jobs in general surely so many will take them if they can get them but we see now these people intended on living off Americans all along and ILLEGAL Comprehensive Immigration Reform will only have the rest of Mexico & Central America sitting pretty living off the illegal since 1492 white European American Welfare System which includes Food Stamps and Medicaid and in Mexifornia Medi-Cal. As the American government talks of making cost cuts and sacrifices the great baby popper thinks the rest of their people should be aloud to come all happy faced and live off the American system.

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Why Is The Financial Institutions Philosophy We Keep It If We Gain And You People Pay Back Your Own Money When We Lose! At A Time When Americans Are Forced To Pay So The Continent Owners Can Have Lavish Lives In America?

This is what the people that steals from Americans gets to do!   Why are bankers (the real bank robbers) and the thief’s of Wall Street and their relatives aloud to gamble away money that does NOT belong to them. Why not call “bail outs” for these financial institutions what they really are? How can these thief’s throw money thats NOT theirs at anything they please, keep all that comes back their way, if any comes back. And force the people of America that is all ready cash strapped to pay their own money back that these criminals lost.  Question – Why is it OK for the people that can gamble with other peoples money lose nothing. And the peoples money that is now gone has to be payed back by the people that didn’t gamble it away. If i understand this right it works like this. The people that puts their money into these financial institutions loses all their money to these people then they are forced to pay themselves back.   What a great setup!   If thats not bad enough, Americans are now forced to support and pay for the homes of 60 million of the south of the border continent owners with the possiblity of being forced to pay for and support 60 million more. And when these out of control people cause problems that cost money in the U.S. and or their countries, who pays those bills?  Question – As the American people continues paying for everything by force, when the day comes these Americans have no more money to steal. Who pays for these bills then? As i understand it its Wall Street thats responsible for gas prices skyrocketing sky high this time. Something has to be done with these users and abusers. All of these people are making our lives miserable i think they all should get some misery back.

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